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Message from the Dean

Okabayashi Hideki (Professor, Department of Psychology), Dean of the Graduate School of Humanities

Integrating academic knowledge with practical usefulness is the challenge for the humanities.
"There is nothing as practical as a good theory" by Kurt Lewin.

Kurt Lewin, a distinguished psychologist in the 1940s, emphasized the value of good theory in terms of its practical utility. Today, people tend to think that theory and practice are totally different, and that academic knowledge is not needed because it is less useful in real-life situations. However, the Graduate School of Humanities is intentionally considering exactly what the humanities are. This process may not lead to occupational qualifications. Yet, an understanding of the foundational meanings of life, providing a life-long resource, allows people to think deeply of how societies and cultures exist and change. This is because immediate usefulness can lose its utility as time goes on. It is the insight obtained through academic thinking that can produce knowledge of universal value in the long run.

Our Graduate School of Humanities consists of three departments: English and American Literature, Sociology, and Psychology. Our objective is not only to gain professional knowledge or occupational qualifications in each department, but also to understand the humanities in a broad sense. Studying in the graduate school is a repeated process of both pursuing an academic knowledge and thinking of the relations of such knowledge with practices in the real world.

We welcome students from around the world who wish to join us in being challenged by intellectual curiosity for the many academic questions arising today.

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